Here are a few points about our marketing process approach that we think make us different from other marketing agencies that you could choose to work with …

Sparkitects :: Our Approach to Marketing is Based on Closed Sales

Our Sales-Driven Approach to Marketing

Yes, we’re a marketing agency. A full service one at that!

But as much as we love marketing, we believe that sales is king. We help our clients grow their businesses and make more money, so if the marketing strategies and tactics that we deliver to our clients aren’t putting more money in their bank accounts at the end of the day, then we’re not doing our jobs properly!

Brand awareness, audience building, customer loyalty and community leadership are all great considerations as part of your marketing platform, but we feel better about the work we do if our clients can turn that into more money in their bank accounts.

Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

Before your prospective buyer buys, they go through a buying journey. A buyer’s journey is the process they go through to identify a need or want that they have, which organizations they can get what they want from, and which of those organizations best fits their needs. The buyer’s journey span just a few minutes (think about walking down a street and buying a coffee from a local coffee shop) or could span months or years (think about a multinational company selecting a new technology platform to run their business).

We believe that your marketing efforts should nurture prospective buyers through their buying journey. And that means understanding your buyer’s journey and developing an effective marketing platform to make sure they buy from you and not your competitors.

Sparkitects :: Our Approach to Marketing Understanding Your Buyer's Journey
Sparkitects :: Our Approach to Marketing Includes Understanding Why You Do Things

We Ask “Why?”

Spend enough time with us and you’ll notice that we ask “Why?”. A lot.

We don’t ask “Why?” to challenge what our clients are telling us, but to understand the reasons behind why they do the things they do. We believe that the best marketing process approach is intentional marketing, where things like the message we’re projecting and the prospective buyer we’re projecting it to, down to the tiniest details of what fonts and colours we’re using all contribute to the overall effectiveness of the work that we’re doing.

You can do market for the sake of doing marketing and hope for the best. Or you can be intentional about your marketing and achieve amazing results.

Don’t mind us, but we prefer the latter.

Our Marketing Process Approach is to Provide Intentionally Good Marketing. Is That What Your Business Needs to Grow?

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