Online Marketing Questionnaire

Are you interested in engaging an internet marketing agency but you’re not quite sure what to do next? You’re at the right place! We offer a free no-obligation online marketing assessment that’s designed for companies who are just starting out or that have some of their online marketing platform built and are looking to take it to the next level.


It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:


Complete the survey below. Tell us about your business, what internet marketing you have done and how it has worked out. It shouldn’t take long to complete the form – probably less than 10 minutes.


We’ll coordinate a 15 minute chat to learn more about your business, to get a better feel for you and your company and to discuss what goals you would like to achieve with internet marketing.


We’ll review your existing online marketing platform with respect to the goals you have set and provide some honest feedback (this means that if we think it’s good, we aren’t afraid to tell you so!). We’ll evaluate how consistent your existing internet presence is with the feeling that we get when we talk to you. We’ll coordinate a second call to review our findings and we’ll deliver a brief report to your inbox following our call.

It’s that easy! Isn’t the potential of increasing your sales through online marketing worth a few minutes of your time? Fill in the form below and let’s get started!

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2. Tell Us About Your Business

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3. Tell Us About Your Existing Online Marketing

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4. Tell Us What You Want to Achieve with Online Marketing

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5. Tell Us About Your Online Marketing Plans

What is your timeline for starting an internet marketing project?
Yesterday wouldn't be fast enough (0 - 2 weeks)I'm very close but haven't started yet (2 - 4 weeks)It's early in my process, I'm mostly checking things out (1 - 3 months)I'm just seeing what's out there (3+ months)
What is your budget for marketing online?
I need to start with the lite package ($0 - 2,000)I want to build a solid foundation ($2,000 - 5,000)I am looking for something advanced ($5,000 - 10,000)I want to knock my prospective buyers socks off! ($10,000+)

6. Tell Us Anything Else You Think We Should Know

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