E-Mail marketing can be by far the easiest way to keep you top of mind with your customers. It’s relatively inexpensive so it just might be the best part of your marketing strategy….but is it really?


Email is a great way to get a message out to your customer. Studies have shown that it’s effective for customer retention as it triggers customers to buy from you more than once. Have you noticed that when you shop the cashier will often ask you for your email address?  This is to get you on their email list and from there you are enticed back into the store with the next hot new item or deal.

Pretty easy right?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s not good enough to just send out an email, that email will need to be interesting and engaging and it will need to be something that your customer will want to open. If your email lacks in luster it is more likely that your customer will simply unsubscribe, we don’t want this! This is quite possibly one of the most challenging aspects of email.

Fortunately there are great services out there to help with that with MailChimp topping that list and, extra bonus, it’s absolutely free for a beginner subscription and offers other plans for larger accounts.

Here’s where the fun begins!

Navigating through MailChimp to create that first email template is not for the faint at heart. However, once you start working with it you quickly see how easy it is to make your email visually appealing to the reader by using pictures, illustrations and colour. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Some tips to remember when creating your newsletter in MailChimp

  1. Subject line – Your subject line is the first thing people see and often the deciding factor of whether your newsletter gets opened. MailChimp understands this and makes it super easy for you to test open rates using different subject lines. Yes please! Make sure to play with different subject lines and notice the difference a good subject line makes.


  1. Layout – The layout of your newsletter should be clean and easy for your user to follow. Breaking up the sections with images and headers will help with that. You will need call-to-actions throughout your website, this helps grow your website in Google rankings as well as provide ways to track what your customers actually click. This will show you what products and services they are actually interested in. Win/win!


  1. Be real and be you – I cannot express this enough, your customers like you, they like your brand, your product and your service, all of this is a reflection of you so stick to that and have your newsletter look and feel like YOU.


  1. Be Tech Savvy – Ok so you don’t actually have to be all that tech savvy but you do need to remember that your newsletter needs to look good on mobile devices and you need to have an Opt Out to allow them to discontinue receiving your newsletter easily. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your customer!


So are you ready for email marketing?


Even though a newsletter is relatively inexpensive to produce and has a high rate of return does not mean you’re ready to get going. You need to visualize what this will look like, time, timing and content. Once you send out that first email you’ve set the expectations of your customers that another great newsletter is on it’s way, be prepared to deliver!