You’re an expert in your field and you want prospective buyers to know, right? Demonstrate your industry expertise and thought leadership in a beautiful piece of premium content and share it with your contact list so they know how awesome you are.

Let us help you create beautiful content prospective buyers will love and stay top-of-mind through effective email marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy where your business creates content aimed at attracting and engaging new prospective buyers, and nurturing them along their buying journey so they buy the products and services they need from you.

Blog posts, videos, whitepapers, case studies and e-books are some of the most common types of premium content that businesses use to attract and convert customers. The type of content that is best for your business depends on which part of your buyer’s journey you’re trying to influence them through.

Creating premium content is only so effective if you’re not sharing it. Content marketing is best paired with other types of marketing activities to help distribute the amazing content you produce. Sharing blog posts in email newsletters or on social media channels are examples of sharing your content to create awareness. Emailing your content to a lead after they enter their contact information is a way to use your content for lead generation.

Would premium content help you attract new prospective buyers and convert them to paying customers? Get in touch, we’d love to help.

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Email Marketing

Statistics shows that most people aren’t going to buy from you straight away. Businesses must have eight touchpoints with a prospective buyer before the buyer makes a positive buying decision.

Your existing customers are the easiest types of prospective buyers to sell to.

How can you hit the touchpoints prospective buyers need and stay top-of-mind with those who have already bought from you? Email marketing. Put relevant content in your contact list’s inboxes at the right time so they buy (or buy again!) from you.

Get in touch and we’ll create an email marketing campaign to help you grow your business.

Sparkitects :: Check Out Our Email Marketing Services

Demonstrate Expertise and Stay Top-of-Mind – We Can Help With Both.

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