While online marketing, social media and pay-per-click marketing might be on trend, some of the old tried-and-tested form of marketing are still the most effective. Generate new leads and nurture existing relationships at local or industry events.

Let us help you develop a plan to leverage event marketing in your business.

Connecting With Your Buyers at Events

Event marketing is about attending events that existing and prospective buyers attend to connect with new prospective buyers or to nurture your relationship with existing contacts.

Trade shows are among the most popular types of events where businesses can meet people most likely to buy from them. Whether it’s a community trade show where local businesses are looking to connect with local buyers, or industry-based trade shows where people come from far and wide with a very specific area of interest, trade shows can be a great opportunity to connect with new prospective buyers and reconnect with existing contacts and nurture those relationships.

Other events that businesses can leverage to connect with new prospective buyers or nurture existing ones include customer appreciation events, workshops, seminars and conferences.

We can help manage the logistics of setting up your event, but more importantly we can put our full range of marketing services to work for you and your event to build awareness and interest before the event, stand out from the crowd at the event, and effectively nurture your leads following the event.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can help you leverage event marketing to help grow your business!

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Connect With People Most Likely to Buy From You at Events They Attend.

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