Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat and Pinterest … the list of ubiquitous social media platforms goes on and on. But do these platforms offer businesses a chance to effectively market their brand, products and services?

Social media marketing can be an effective tool to create awareness, build and audience, and nurture them into paying customers.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have bloomed in the past number of years, and with so many different platforms used in so many different ways, it’s sometimes difficult to know which platform to use and how best to use it. Different social media platforms are popular with different demographics, and each year new platforms erupt onto the scene while others lose traction and become irrelevant.

If your customers and prospective buyers use social media, it can be a very effective tool for connecting with them, creating awareness for your brand, driving qualified traffic to your website, and even closing sales. We can help you find the right social media channels to market your business on and create and share content that will resonate with your audience. Get in touch and let us help build your social media following!

Sparkitects :: Check Out Our Social Media Marketing Services
Sparkitects :: Check Out Our Paid Social Media Marketing Services

Paid Social Media Marketing

Most social media platforms offer businesses the opportunity to pay to display ads. Paid social media marketing allows you to pay to have your ads displayed on the social media feeds of a very focused set of people – people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services, become leads and convert into paying customers.

Paid social media marketing platforms are highly configurable and include extensive dashboard and reporting tools so you can measure your campaign performance.

When done properly, paid social media marketing can be an effective marketing strategy. Contact us and let’s talk about whether paid social media marketing is a good opportunity for your business to create awareness, generate leads or nurture prospective buyers along their buying journey.

Sparkitects :: Check Out Our Paid Social Media Marketing Services

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