Lead generation is great, but in many cases people aren’t going to buy from you straight away.

We can help you create and action a lead nurturing strategy to convert your leads into paying customers!

What is Lead Nurturing Marketing?

When someone gives you their contact information, they might not be ready to buy from you straight away. In fact, statistically speaking, a business needs to have eight touchpoints with new lead before they make a purchase.

Lead nurturing marketing is about staying in touch with leads so your brand and business are top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a buying decision. If you don’t stay in touch with your leads then they might forget about you or, worse, buy from one of your competitors.

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The Importance of Nurturing Your Leads

Let’s face it, we live in a busy world and we’re constantly bombarded by marketing and advertising. Billboards, bus stop signs and other large format signs are everywhere we look. The TV shows we watch are constantly interrupted by commercials. Our inboxes are filled with newsletters and our social media channels dotted with ads.

All of this marketing is the result of businesses trying to capture our attention and stay top-of-mind because they want us to think about them when we’re ready to purchase the products and services we need. Even if you’re doing a great job of collecting leads, you need to stay in touch with them so your brand is top-of-mind.

Lead nurturing marketing is also about touching your leads with the right content at the right time to nurture them through their buying journey.

How We Can Help Nurture Your Leads

We offer a marketing services that can help nurture leads so they buy from your business:

  • Content Marketing – Let your leads know what you’re an expert in your business by producing informative blog posts, case studies, whitepapers and more! Our content marketing services can help produce content your leads will love.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is a great way to share your awesome content with your prospective buyers. Our email marketing services will help make sure you’re getting them the right content at the right time!
  • Event Marketing – Do your prospective buyers attend industry tradeshows, workshops or seminars? Our event marketing services will make sure that you’re there and ready to gain another important touchpoint!
  • Graphic Design – While we all spend a lot more time looking at email and social media, mail marketing isn’t dead. Our graphic design services can help produce beautiful postcards, mailers and other print materials to help you stay top-of-mind.
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Let Us Help You Turn Prospective Buyers Into Paying Customers.

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