Analytics & Insights

Measurement and continual improvement are at the foundation of everything we believe in. Online marketing, like any other form of sales and marketing initiative, isn’t an exact science – there is no guaranteed way to succeed. Further, what works for one company might not work for a different company.


As part of our on-going commitment to your internet marketing success, we include a number of measurement, analytics and insight services so we can track the performance of your campaigns and platforms. We’ll use our expertise and experience to give your marketing initiatives the best start and our continuous improvement program will make sure they get better all the time, delivering ever more value to your business.


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Analytics & Insights

Our analytics and insights services include:


 Statistical Analytics

There are thousands of data metrics that can be tracked, but which ones are the right ones? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all set of analytics that guarantee success, nor are there any absolutes: scoring low in a metric can indicate failure in one situation and success in another. We’ll identify the best metrics to track and following the implementation phase we’ll track the statistical performance to make sure it’s delivering the expected results.


Trend Analysis

Data and analytics become more meaningful when they’re considered in context with what else is going on. If you’re a Mississauga-based landscaping company, you’re probably going to see a dip in traffic in January when we’re all buried under snow! If you’re a bookkeeper your activity is probably going to spike at year-end and at tax deadlines. We’ll put your marketing campaign metrics into context by considering what’s going on in your industry and the rest of the world.


Meaningful Insights

What’s the point of data – even data that is presented in context – if it doesn’t mean anything or lead to improvement? We won’t simply give you a report of facts and figures that may or may not mean anything to you but we’ll add a level of meaning and insight and actionable recommendations.


Continuous Improvement

We want your online marketing efforts to be like a fine wine and to get better with age. As part of that commitment we’ll regularly refine and improve our strategy and execution so you get the best results. We’ll stay in touch with the evolution of your business and the technology driving your online platforms and make sure you’re getting the very best out of them.


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