Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Sparkitects includes pay-per-click marketing as part of our internet marketing services

The internet is a busy place with lots of brands and businesses marketing themselves, some in a good way and some in a less than good way. This means that it can take time to get traction with organic online marketing efforts like content marketing and social media marketing but the benefit is that the momentum you build is easy to sustain.


In some cases, you want fast results in which case pay-per-click (PPC) marketing might be the answer. If you’re a local business focusing on customers in a tight geographical area it makes sense (and cents!) to pay for premium placement as your consumers are looking for products and services that you provide.


Let Sparkitects help boost your online marketing efforts with effective pay-per-click marketing campaigns!

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing services include:


Keyword Discovery

For a PPC campaign to be effective it’s imperative to hit the right keywords. These typically include your company and brand names and words that describe the products and services that you sell. But what about geographical descriptors? What about common misspellings? What about synonymous words? We include all this and much more as part of an exhaustive keyword discovery process aimed at delivering the most effective pay per click marketing campaign possible.


Campaign Execution

Once we’ve determined the right combination of keywords, we’ll set up your campaign and get it started. We’ll configure your PPC campaign so you’re getting the right kinds of clicks and not wasting money on generating traffic to your website that won’t convert.


Three R’s: Results, Refine, Repeat

Like any other sales and marketing platform there’s likely going to be room to make your pay-per-click campaigns better over time. As part of running your campaigns, we’ll keep a close eye on results and performance and tweak and tune it for a continual cycle of improvement.


Are you ready to boost your online marketing efforts with PPC marketing?

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