Planning & Preparation

One of the key differences you’ll find between Sparkitects and other web marketing companies is the strong planning and preparation phase of our projects. The internet is a busy place and your consumers are busy people – online marketing success doesn’t just happen by accident.


Before we start building a website, creating content, engaging your target audience through social media or setting up a pay-per-click campaign we make sure we build a solid foundation of success during our planning and preparation phase.


Let Sparkitects help prepare a plan for your online marketing success!

Planning & Preparation Services

Our planning and preparation services include:

Sparkitects - getting your brand focused is the first part of our planning & preparation services

Brand Focus

What does your brand say to consumers about you and your company? Before starting a project, we want to make sure that your brand is tightly focused and communicates the message you want it to. For clients just starting out we can create your brand or for those with an existing brand we can tidy things up or use it as is.

Buyer Persona - we make sure we understand who your buyer is and how to talk to them by creating a buyer persona

Buyer Persona

Who is your ideal customer? How old are they? What is their education level? Why would or wouldn’t they buy from you? These are all things that we must understand before we can start building an internet marketing platform for you. These questions – and others – are part of our buyer persona creation process.

Competitor Analysis - looking at what your competitors are doing will give us a head start in what does and doesn't work

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors and what online marketing are they doing? What seems to be working for them and what doesn’t? We don’t want to copy what your competitors are doing, but we also don’t want to reinvent that particular wheel. We’ll check out your top competitors as part of our analysis.

Sales & Marketing Integration - creating synergy between your online and offline sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing Integration

Chances are your organization has offline sales & marketing initiatives like tradeshows, cold calling, a sales team out on the streets and networking groups. We’ll want to keep up-to-date on these offline activities so we can leverage your online marketing activities with your offline ones and vice versa to deliver a synergistic, cohesive effort.

Goal setting

Goal Setting

Why are you spending the money to build an online presence?  What value does it provide to your business?  Do you measure your success in the number of leads you capture or are you simply looking to build awareness and engagement?  When we start a project we understand what value it will bring to your business and set clear goals towards delivering that value.

Strategy icon

Strategy Setting

Once we’ve established goals, we’ll define a strategy for achieving those goals, because successful internet marketing doesn’t just happen by accident.  We’ll provide a plan for what we’re going to do, why we’re going to do it and the results that we expect with a timeline.  We’ll make sure everyone is working together from the same page towards your internet marketing success!


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