Website Design & Development

Your company website is the foundation of your online marketing presence. Think about the first thing that you do when you meet someone new, possibly someone you might want to do business with – you check out their website. How important is it to make a good impression with your website? What will that person think if you have a bad website?


Let Sparkitects build a solid foundation for your online marketing efforts by creating a beautiful website for your business. We balance design and functionality, making sure the information your visitors are looking for can easily be found but without overwhelming them.


We’ll build you a website that will be sure to make a memorable impression!

Website Design & Development Features

Our website design and development services include:


Professional Design

About three to five seconds – that’s how long it’ll take your website visitors to those all important decisions about you and your company, decisions that will strongly influence how they perceive you moving forward.  Will your website make a professional impression?  Our team includes professional graphic designers who will make sure your website looks clean, uncluttered and welcoming to the eye.


Customized Coding

We’ll never let a template limit our web design capabilities.  We do use templates as the basis for our work because much of the groundwork is already done and it allows us to get a head start on building the site. But our coders will dig deep into the inner workings of the site to make sure it looks and acts exactly as it should – without any compromise.


Responsive Design for Mobile Visitors

More and more people are using the internet from their smart phones or other mobile devices – whether they’re looking for somewhere to have lunch, researching an upcoming purchase while watching TV, or catching up on the latest happenings in the world.  We check for cross-device compatibility to make sure that your website will look great on any device your visitors are using.


Engaging Copy and Images

What’s a site without some words and images that tell your story? Our team includes a professional copywriter who will craft a story of the benefits that your company, products and services provide to your customers and clients.  We’ll find the right images to complement the copy and the design so you’ve got a perfectly cohesive and consistent message.


Upkeep & Maintenance

You shouldn’t have a “set it and forget it!” mentality about your website – your company will evolve with new products and services and your website should evolve, too. Also, with technology advancing at such a furious pace, you’ll want to stay up with the current platforms for security and performance. We offer an on-going maintenance package to make sure your website doesn’t get stale!


Are you ready for a website that makes the right first impression?

It starts with a Spark.