Have you thought about how you are marketing for your company, I mean really sat down and thought about it? Do you know who your customer is, where to find them, how to attract them?

Let’s be real here, is your product or service so exceptional that all you have to do is make it available and your customers will all come running to buy it from you? How’s that been working out? Maybe you’ve been extremely lucky and that has happened, although I’d venture to guess that if you’re reading this right now it hasn’t and you want to know why and how to change what you’re doing to make it happen.

Understanding where you are attracting your customer on their buying journey will help you to align your marketing attempts to tap into that sweet spot where your product and/or service meets them along that journey. That’s where the magic happens!

To simplify a buyer’s journey we look at 3 stages Awareness – Consideration – Decision.

If your marketing strategy is only hitting them at one of these stages you’re ignoring 2/3 of your potential customers. Wait, what? Woah right? Math is math and now all of a sudden your seller brain has woken up because we mentioned numbers and numbers are what business owners tend to focus on.

Most marketers agree that the earlier you influence a buyer on their journey the more likely they are to buy from you and with most buyers making their buying decision based on the first company to bring their *need* to their attention (have you heard of Apple?) we should be looking at ways to attract the buyer while they are still in the Awareness stage.

This of course does not mean that this is where all of our focus needs to go, you still need to focus on all 3 stages but knowing where you’re most likely to connect with your buyer is key to your success but how do you figure that out?

The Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona for each of the stages helps you create marketing material to target each stage. This actually might be quite a new concept for you so let’s dive in to the quick and dirty of a buyer persona before we move on by using the example of the iPhone (since I already brought up Apple). Who was the target for the iPhone? The 20-30 year olds because this was the age where the desire for the newest technology was at it’s highest and even if they couldn’t afford the product they found a way to get it because they just had to have it! Phone companies helped with making that purchase easier for the consumer but that’s a whole other article to write.

So now Apple knew who they were targeting and most of their marketing efforts were geared to attract that person and actually making them think they needed the iPhone. The magical thing that happened here? That original group of 20-30 year olds are passing that *need* onto the next generation and more and more (and younger and younger) people actually believe that a phone *needs* to be Apple in order to be good. Crazy stuff!

Ok so now that you have a better understanding of a buyer persona and why it’s important to market to them specifically let’s dig into the 3 stages of attracting them along their buyer journey.

Awareness Stage

The stage where your new customer may not even know they have a need but if you’re Apple you create it. How? Apps to start. Apps to do anything and everything from tracking your period cycle to helping you invest in the stock market. But what about Android you ask? As an Android user myself I have stumbled upon app after app that is only available to Apple users right now. Has Apple influenced the app developers to do that? You betcha they have but again, that’s a whole other conversation.

But what if you’re not Apple and you don’t have the next greatest piece of technology to sell? You still need to connect with your buyer in the awareness stage. Think about what question your buyer might be asking in the awareness stage and let’s use the example of a company that sells Organic Vegan Protein Powder.

Your target audience is probably a person who has experienced health issues of some sort and wants to start incorporating healthy food choices into their diet. They might be asking questions like:

  1. Where to buy organic products?
  2. Is your product certified organic?
  3. What does it mean to live a vegan lifestyle?
  4. How much protein is enough?

Having content (blog posts for example) on your website giving insightful information about these topics will help attract buyers to your product and build confidence that you care about these issues. Using this content through social media marketing not only brings awareness to the buyer but brings them back to your website where they get the information they need to make an informed decision. This will factor in greatly when then that buyer is ready to hit the ‘buy now’ button to purchase your product.

Consideration Stage

Your buyer has already decided that they want to adapt a better lifestyle and want to make eating healthier a part of that. Now they are looking for the right product for them. You already have the content on your website and you may or may not have attracted them in the awareness stage but here’s your chance to play an active role in the consideration stage. Keep in mind here that if you hooked them in in the awareness stage they are much more likely to buy from you so keep the information flowing. Use white papers that compare products, or video content will greatly increase your chances of helping the buyer buy from you!

Decision Stage

They are ready to buy and in this stage they want the best product for the best price and they want it fast. Amazon has mastered this by delivering a product to your door the same day you want it. I once ordered a product on a Sunday morning delivered to me by dinner time. That’s better than jumping in my car and heading to the stores any day of the week but on a Sunday? Yes please!

Your site needs to be able to convince the buyer that getting their product from you will mean they get the best item for the best price with the fastest service. Having customer testimonials on your site will help convince the buyer that you are who they need to buy from and your product is the one they need.

As you can see there is more selling a product than just simply having it available. Using a marketing company to help you market to your buyer through each of the stages of their buying journey has proven to increase your sales considerably.

At Sparkitects we help you grow your business through intentionally good marketing. We understand that not all businesses are marketed the same and we work closely with you to define a marketing strategy that works for you and your business. Check out some of our marketing services and give us a call to get started on growing your business today!